• Thursday, September 22nd, 2011

Tips for Getting the Most out of your Real Estate Mailings

Real estate professionals need to constantly be farming for fresh leads, and something of the main ways that real estate professionals do this is by mailing out real-estate postcards in hopes of developing fresh leads. The big dilemma when mailing out farming cards is how many should I be sending out?

A good plan whenever mailing out real-estate postcards is to mail them often. While a onetime mailing to the same area might help generate some new leads, consider how many more potential leads you could get if you mailed out several postcards over a monthly time period. By doing you will boost your identify and face recognition in that location, so when the time comes for someone to buy or sell they will want to phone you.

The common real estate professional merely wants to mail below 250 farming cards every now and then. That is not going to assist you to develop a connection with fresh prospective customers and obtain more potential customers. At the very least, you should be mailing out at least 250 postcards every month. You need to make it a standard part of your marketing plan to do these types of standard and consistent real estate mailings. If you have the budget, mailing out more real-estate cards per month is even better. The more people you reach the more potential you gave for gaining that new lead. And by mailing a regular mailing you are always keeping your name and face in front of those potential clients with your real-estate postcard mailings.

If you do not have a farming area list of names that is large enough to do bigger mailings every month, some print companies that you buy your real-estate postcards from offer mail list as well. Most will even handle the mailing for you so you dont even have to lift a finger.



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